A Populist Party platform should focus on kitchen-table issues. The issues that affect all Americans.

The United States is in one of the most divided and politically charged times in recent memory. The incursion on the U.S. Capitol building shocked everyone on the political spectrum and it has only ramped up from there. With both Republicans and Democrats coming at each other with political bludgeons, blaming each other for the rancor and often overuse rhetoric of turning average Americans into enemies of the state.

Senator Bernie Sanders won the Nevada Caucus on Saturday with a fair amount of shock and surprise. For the longest time, Joe Biden was the clear favorite in the eyes of pundits and mainstream media. Fortunately for Sanders, Biden has flopped harder than Cats.

It’s a great boon for his supporters, both old and young alike. Those that have been watching Bernie since the 2016 Presidential elections know that Bernie Sanders has been outside of the Democratic National Committee good graces. Eventually, he was pushed out completely in favor of the establishment candidate, Hilary Clinton.

It’s now the 2020 presidential…

Look, we get it. Trump Derangement is the real deal. If anything, the last three years have proven that it exists. Operation Crossfire-Hurricane that led to the Mueller investigation, with Adam Schiff promising for years, that he had overwhelming evidence of Russia-Trump collusion and this would end President Trump’s tenure. But, it wasn’t. And it didn’t.

Next, was the Ukranian Gate, quid-pro-quo phone call involving President Trump and Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky that ultimately led to the third impeachment of a sitting president. Again, Adam Schiff, and Jerry Nadler this time, claimed they had overwhelming evidence that Donald Trump was…

Coy Mack

Coy Mack is co-host of The Hooch Podcast, a formerOpsLens contributor, writer, filmmaker and 2/7 veteran.

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