MSM Are Coming For Bernie, Just Like They Did With Trump

Senator Bernie Sanders won the Nevada Caucus on Saturday with a fair amount of shock and surprise. For the longest time, Joe Biden was the clear favorite in the eyes of pundits and mainstream media. Fortunately for Sanders, Biden has flopped harder than Cats.

It’s a great boon for his supporters, both old and young alike. Those that have been watching Bernie since the 2016 Presidential elections know that Bernie Sanders has been outside of the Democratic National Committee good graces. Eventually, he was pushed out completely in favor of the establishment candidate, Hilary Clinton.

It’s now the 2020 presidential election and it already feels like déjà vu of 2016.

The Democratic National Committee and mainstream media are coming for Bernie Sanders, just like they did with Trump in 2016.

Sanders is a popular candidate. Make no mistake about it. He has a wide and passionate base; although, that same base, has and continues, to cause trouble for the Vermont Senator. Like the topless protesters at a Nevada rally and the brawl breaking out over the “Black Guns Matter” t-shirt worn by an African American man. He is still gaining momentum in the primary race. Although he’s flipped on a lot of issues, like his immigration stance to allow open borders and decriminalize illegal crossing, he has maintained his popular positions of medicare for all and taxing the top earners to pay for free college education.

He’s an insurgent populist. Outside of the establishment, like Donald Trump was in 2016 — and that scares them.

The media has now set its sights on Sanders. In recent reports, unknown U.S. officials claim that Russia is attempting to help Sanders campaign win the primary over the other candidates to ultimately help Trump win re-election; although they have no clear indication of what assistance Russia is proving.

Sound familiar?

It should. That’s the same argument they made in 2016 against Trump and now have pushed the narrative further to include Sanders.

So, even if Bernie Sanders wins in November, the establishment and the media can just claim that the Russians helped elect Sanders.

It gets even better when you add the reaction of MSNBC host Chris Matthews reaction to Bernie’s win in the Nevada caucuses.

“I was reading last night about the fall of France in the summer of 1940 and the general, Reynaud, calls up Churchill and says, ‘It’s over,’ And Churchill says, ‘How can that be? You’ve got the greatest army in Europe. How can it be over?’ He said, ‘It’s over.’

He was referring to the Nazi invasion of France in May of 1940 and that he had “that suppressed feeling.”

Even though this is absolutely insane, because Sanders is Jewish and some of Sanders’ family was killed by germans, this is how the mainstream media and the DNC really feel about him.

They do not want or need Sander’s version of the Democratic party and they will do anything to stop Sanders. Just look at the Bloomberg coming in at the last minute pretending to be the savior of the party. The DNC changed the rules in an effort to derail the Sanders campaign — again.

Bloomberg is even privately lobbying for DNC officials and donors to ally themselves with him if the party fails to elect a nominee in the first round delegate voting, turning it into a brokered convention.

If that happens, you can kiss the Democratic Party goodbye. They would no longer hold the faith needed to conduct a fair primary election or enjoy the support of progressives. They will destroy themselves to get rid of Bernie Sanders.

As the primary process moves forward, we should watch out for the smear campaigns against both Trump and Sanders. It’s that same game they have been playing since 2016, and we as American’s should demand and expect more from the DNC and the mainstream media. Not everything is a Russian operation.

Coy Mack is co-host of The Hooch Podcast, a formerOpsLens contributor, writer, filmmaker and 2/7 veteran.

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